Color Watch: Pink


Good Day Gentiles!

We know it’s been a while since our last post, but we assure you–progress is being made on the forefront of this Earthly existence.


Today we honor the color pink. The color of unconditional love, passion, romance, femininity, and purity. With Venus in full retrograde, it’s a sensitive time for all of us, and so we study the color pink to gain its virtues and understand its role in our lives. Pink is unique because unlike primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, pink is not found on the light spectrum. In other words, it is not a reflective color. Pink is only visible to the human eye when it is combined with red and white, making it a transmissive color. Nevertheless, it is still a very important color found not just in your underwear drawer, but all across nature, especially in the flower, insect, reptile and mineral kingdoms.


The etymology of the word ‘pink’ is thought to be of German origin, named after “pinks,” a type of flower with frilled edges representing the endearing hue. Historically, pink has symbolized many feelings and attributes relating to the human condition, including seduction, youth, innocence, and tenderness. Pink also was a symbol of the Body of Christ in many art works during the Middle Ages.


Metaphysically, pink is associated with the heart chakra, which is also represented by the color green. This chakra deals with the subject of universal love and compassion. Planets associated with this energy center are Venus (as mentioned above), and the Moon, our heavenly guide for the functions of the body. Interestingly enough, Venus is the planet that rules our sensual experiences pertaining to pleasure. This doesn’t limit the term to  simply physical pleasure, but pleasure in the total sense of the word. The pleasure we derive from delicious food, good company, lovers, and friends. The spaces we inhabit and the things and people we like all fall under this energy.


Psychologically, pink can be used to aid in calming the mind of anxious and irrational thoughts, as well as facilitate compassion and love for fellow man. Pink is also known to help dispel aggression and violence when used in color therapy. Let’s not forget that pink also represents femininity, which indirectly fosters the nurturing, receptive, and intuitive natures of the feminine role.


We urge both men and women to invite pink into their lives despite the overwhelmingly redundant cultural references to its status in society. We see how, like many scared colors, pink has been made profane by the mass media and marketing entities, and we ask you to set your judgements aside and try pink from another perspective. Perhaps a different tone of pink will help alleviate some of the pressure that pink implies, as there are many alternative hues to pink including magentas, salmons, rose, carnation, and champagne for a more subtle exposition of this fascinating color.


Pink can flatter any skin tone, but be sure to wear the right hue for you. Those with red undertones should stick to warm pinks (salmon, coral, peach) and those with yellow undertones look best in cool pinks (rose, violet-pink, lavender-pink).


Suggestions on how to wear pink:

-Pink makes a great accessory or accent piece. Jewelry, scarves, or cardigans are great candidates for pink

-The right pink shoes can take any outfit to the next level

-Pink socks

-Pink blush or lipstick (tastefully, of course)

-Pink nail polish

-Pink pants match virtually any color, as well as a pink top–so treat pink like you would white or black. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


That’s all for pink. It has been our supreme pleasure to bring you one of our favorite colors on The Dawn’s Color Watch. Stay tuned for more to come!


Dripping in Love for You,

The Dawn


Alan Watts: Voice of the Century


So then, the relationship of self to other is the complete realization that loving yourself is impossible without loving everything defined as other than yourself. – Alan Watts

Greetings from our new headquarters in New York City! The Dawn is pleased to announce our latest move to the big apple where we expect much activity in all areas of style, fashion, and overall health and wealth! As we adjust to this new transition phase, we have been taking ample time to reflect on the time—this time—if you will. Naturally, the experience of time seems to be that of constant transformation, the ebb and flow of existence that simultaneously defines our being at any given moment. The Dawn believes that each moment, each breath is a sacred opportunity to go right or left, up or down, and it is through this determination that we experience the effects of our decisions.


Which brings us to one of our favorite philosophers of the 20th century: The Great Alan Watts, whom, during his short time on this planet, brought light to some of the most pressing issues in our current state of cosmic affairs. We will note that Mr. Watts’ presence was not only strikingly unique, it commanded the attention of the masses, for his message is one of immense importance.


Alan Watts was a major advocate for zen buddhism and was essential to the West’s understanding of Eastern philosophy as both a theological practice and psychological study. Bridging such ideas as religion, history, psychology, metaphysics, and science, Mr. Watts was a proponent of the totality of Being–he recognized the dire situation we humans find ourselves in and managed to articulate it in a way that makes cognitive, emotional, and spiritual sense.


We seldom realize, for example that our most private thoughts and emotions are not actually our own. For we think in terms of languages and images which we did not invent, but which were given to us by our society. – Alan Watts

Alan Watts was not only a lover of humanity, he wanted to help heal humanity, for he saw how we are collectively suffering because we do not know, we do not understand the complexities of this era the way we are meant to understand it. It is for this reason that we have mass despair, mass upheaval, poverty, spiritual emptiness, and general disconnection from out true natures. Mr. Watts gave us the gift of his knowledge, his way of interpreting esoteric tradition so that it became palatable to the Western mind, and for that we are forever grateful.


We adore Mr. Watts for a number of reasons. He was, in the highest sense, striving for completeness in all ares of life. He understood the concept of balance and Self realization, including the mastery of sensuality. When we speak of sensuality, we speak to the notion of sensual experience, or the act of sensing. This pertains to the outside world–recognizing what is attractive, embodying the utmost of one’s being as it applies to the physical senses. Alan Watts says that there are two realms we humans must master and balance, and those are the realms of the spiritual and physical, and both are, in a sense, dependent on the other.


What wonder! For this is our purpose here at The Dawn, to help find that balance between the inner and the outer—much of which rides on one’s sense of style, their outward signature to the world. We believe in the deep appreciation and expression of beauty, and we are convicted in the knowledge that finding one’s balance is one of the great secrets of this life. We here at The Dawn have a sincere desire to maintain the passion of Alan Watts when it comes to helping others understand themselves, to know their power as they stand in space–and we will stop for nothing.


The myths underlying our culture and underlying our common sense have not taught us to feel identical with the universe, but only parts of it, only in it, only confronting it – aliens. -Alan Watts

We leave you with one of our most beloved compilations of Mr. Watts’ teachings for your auditory pleasure:


Day Dreaming of Your Glory,

The Dawn

Mission of The Dawn

What we do:


“[Style is] the state in which one feels the least separation between one’s character and one’s body”

-Alexander Nagel, Art Historian

We are a service that offers styling, style coaching, custom design, and wardrobe consultations.

At The Dawn, we strive to bridge the gap between the inner and outer persona in order to most fulfill what human beings seek: true expression. It is the duty of each individual to embody an authentic representation of themselves. The most effective way to do so is to cultivate one’s own unique style. Style goes beyond clothing: style is everything one has gone through and felt in one’s life all compressed into a moment of real time. The Dawn will help you make that moment count.


Decade Dreaming: The 40’s


The 1940’s in America was the perfect blend of excitement and uncertainty. Massive political and economic changes due to the Great Depression and second World War went hand in hand with the fashion trends of this elusive yet principal decade. Women were entering the workforce at unprecedented rates, creating an upheaval of the status quo in just about every aspect of the culture, particularly in the mode of dress. Fabric shortages and the effects of the depression forced a kind of creative renaissance in the fashion world, making way for the introduction of man made fabrics such as rayon and nylon, as well as new emphasis on line and form. It is our pleasure to share with you our favorite looks that remain pertinent to our current Modus Operandi. Be at ease, Dear Ones, as we delve into this possessing era of feminine beauty.


High Waists and Full Skirts

Gone were the days of dropped waistlines and short hemlines of the 1920’s. The natural waist and long, flowing hemlines came flooding back in by the mid 1930’s and persisted throughout the 1940’s. This resurgence of female modesty was evident in all aspects of the female silhouette. Value was placed on highlighting the female form, and the waist was the center point. We here at The Dawn still believe in the power of a grand silhouette, and the waist plays a prominent role in perfecting this principle.


Plunging Back and Necklines

1940’s Hollywood had a major influence on the fashion choices of the masses, and the elegant lines and fabrics worn on the silver screen had a direct effect on the style of the decade. Special occasions now called for form fitting, long silhouettes and dramatic back and neck lines. Halter tops, open backs, and sultry fabrics were all the rage, as women were getting re-acquainted with their bodies in new and profound ways. Some of our most revered looks encompass the body in its totality, as an object to be adored as well as a living, functioning entity in sacred embodiment.



Accessories as Necessities

Which brings us to our next subject: the art of accessorizing. There is no better decade than the 1940’s when it comes to this treasured skill. Specifically, the hat and glove were ubiquitous during this time. Women everywhere rejoiced in the glove craze. Gloves were a heavy staple and were worn to any and all events. Hats were also in top demand, although they have been high on the fashion front for centuries before. We cannot think of a better addition to any outfit than a fabulous hat paired with a distinct pair of gloves. What sheer genius–a manner to be adored and imitated whenever possible.


Ultra Femininity

Overall, the 40’s were a moment in history that paid great homage to the authority of true femininity. What we love about this time is its unabashed love for all things woman, for the recognition that to be feminine didn’t mean to be weak, but a state to behold in the highest honor. Women were deep into the workforce by the middle of the decade, and although this was masculinizing the concept of the role of woman in society, the nature of woman was in fact magnified in a unique and fervent way. The working woman didn’t have to become a man. She had simply morphed into her newfound identity, and, in our opinion, did so with the utmost level of grace and dignity.



The emergence of separates was a direct result of this newly discovered identity. Women began to experiment with alternative ways of dressing their bodies, paying attention to the concept of function in addition to aesthetic. Thus, the birth of the suit jacket ensued. Boleros, empire and peplum cuts, flared cuffs, and a myriad of styles dominated the industry for years to come. This paved the way for endless creativity and awareness of cut, line, and coverage when it came to the style needs of Woman. We especially love the detailed tailoring and wild regard to color and design, two elements that are still in effect today, and for good reason.


Swimwear as it Should Be

Traveling and beach going began to fully permeate the culture by the 1940’s. Tanning became an enduring trend and all over the country men and women were relishing in this exciting way of experiencing leisure. With that, swimwear was just another avenue for designers to build on their creativity. What we most admire about the swimwear of this decade is the balancing of form and function. Designers paid close mind to discretion and were careful about exposing too much. We believe the swimwear of the 40’s was the only happy medium in the history of swimwear fashion, for it exquisitely maintained the balance of taste, comfort, and sex appeal through practical means. Quite a fantastic feat, in our opinion, and one that deserves much praise.



Demure Hair

Lastly, the hairstyles of the 1940’s marked a turning point in human history as far as womanhood was concerned. Women were in the process of growing their hair out after the fad of the bob began to decline. Emphasis on sleek, simple sophistication was the new standard, and the advent of the neo up-do began to take firm hold. This was a stark contrast to the elaborate up-do’s of the early 20th century and a response to the needs of the working woman. Soft, subdued curls were favored over past romantic styles, creating a more reserved look for the modern woman in all her working glory. Of course, she never fell short of inspiring beauty, for 1940’s hair meant a combination of virtue, purpose and poise. We only hope to aspire to that kind of relevance in today’s ocean of fleeting trends in the world of hair.



Lovely readers, that’s it for our 1940’s Decade Dreaming. We hope you enjoyed our journey through this heartwarming phase of American fashion, as we attempt to keep these remarkable feats of human accomplishment alive and in spirit. May you rejoice in Truth and Integrity, and never fall short of transmitting your light for all to see.


Roses Upon Roses,

The Dawn

Reem Acra RTW FW 2015


Known for her intricate designs and rich fabrics, Reem Acra is simply a master of her craft. Her most recent ready to wear Fall/Winter collection is one to be revered. Her vision of beauty is so finely executed in her pieces. We cannot help but feel taken by the flowing hemlines and glistening beadwork. She is one who understands the needs of women when it comes to femininity and elegance. What we adore about her collections is that they never fall short of high taste. She has a knack for sensuality that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the female body–a skill that is inherently crucial in today’s world.


This collection celebrates the duality of womanhood, as evident in the mixing of fabrics and textures, playing with the idea of fantasy and reality–classic Reem Acra. The color palette is the stuff of fairy tales, but it’s also exquisitely balanced with heavier fabrics to bring us back down to Earth. Pragmatism mixed with the ethereal–it doesn’t get any better than that.


What is most impressive about this collection is the feeling of timelessness that it evokes. It rises above centuries of trends, yet is somehow rooted in the luxurious aesthetic of the past. Again, her sense of balance when it comes to garment construction is flawless, both technically and visually.


We here at The Dawn shiver with excitement when exposed to this kind of glamour and refinement. It’s clear that Reem Acra creates from the heart, and this collection highlights the very core of her divinely inspired work.


Woman, as an idea, is to be seen as the embodiment of the Sacred. The models on this runway seem to float in these pieces. Weightlessness, feather-like, and fluid are words that come to mind whilst feasting on such allure.

Reem Acra Fashion Show Ready To Wear Collection Fall Winter 2015 in New York

Note the exemplary use of detail. The beadwork, lace appliques, and sublime tailoring cannot be surpassed. Thank You, Reem Acra, for displaying the awesome potential of human creativity.


Again, the mixing of the delicate and the robust is something we absolutely cherish.


When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist.

We have no words, only warm feelings of Love.
ImageSize-Fall2015-Look07 reem-acra12-683x1024

It is as if my life were magically run by two electric currents: joyous positive and despairing negative – whichever is running at the moment dominates my life, floods it.

-Sylvia Plath
Who can’t use a dainty bell sleeve? It adds dimension and flare, resulting in a lovely, enduring silhouette.
We hope you delighted in this collection as much as we did. May you never run dry of experiencing pure Love.
Golden Fields of Sunlight,
The Dawn

Rene Gruau: Merging Art and Fashion


Art and Fashion are one in the same. Fashion, in its purest form, is wearable art. Rene Gruau understood this very deeply, and was able to display, quite beautifully, the relationship between these two forms of expression. His illustrations are world renown, and he has collaborated with the planet’s tops designers, including Christian Dior, Balmain, Givenchy, Rochas, and Balenciaga.

 136467-as-ilustracoes-de-rene-gruau  232ebcd89e6400f177efa23a2b3bfa62  gruau010

His vision of clothing on the body is one of aesthetic mastery, as he would often exaggerate angles and represented designs in new and exciting ways.

miss-dior-rene-gruau-c-1960-sarl-rene-gruau     rene_gruau_51

His dramatic use of line gave designers an edge that would soon become the standard in haute couture advertising.


Rene Gruau is a being who discovered a distinct sense of style in his art and turned it into a cultural phenomenon–something we here at The Dawn graciously applaud.


May his work continue to inspire lovers of Beauty and future artists of all mediums. Mr. Gruau is one to be revered, as his work marked a turning point in the culture of fine art and high fashion.



The Dawn

Recent Work at The Dawn

Good day to You!

Some of our most recent work with Chicago’s finest–Enjoy!


One of our newest collaborations with Chicago photographers Marc Hauser and Escalante Photography. Always a pleasure to to work with such a legend as Mr. Hauser. This was our first run with the renown Escalante, and we must say there was never a dull moment in the studio. Our models were as sweet as can be. Love the end result!

 C-McCoy-411 C-McCoy-409





Photography by: Escalante Photography

Styling: Ruben Lopez

Hair and Makeup: The Dawn

Models: Caitlin McCoy and Lauren Smith

Celine Neon 1 (correct)

Chicago pop duo Celine Neon is at it again. These women are a powerful force to be reckoned. Audacious, talented, and sublime; The Dawn is always delighted work with this sensational pair. See their latest video, Getcha Good, here.

 CelineNEON-Aug2014--802   Celine Neon 2

Before and after with the very accomplished Deladeso. View his work at the link below.

Oh, the colors!!


“Fate loves the Fearless”

-James Russell Lowell

Celine Neon 3

Photography: Scott Thompson Photography

Digital Artist: Deladeso

Styling: The Dawn

DSC_0674 DSC_0673

This is another collaboration with the very talented Ksju Kami of Ksju Kami Photography. The Dawn has been working with Kami Photography for almost two years now, and we are constantly inspired by each other’s visions.


Our latest work deals with the nature of the Self, and how it interprets the world in which it resides. Beauty, pride, and the transience of being are all factors that play key roles in the mastery of existence. We chase the light, so as to be illuminated, and we transmute the darkness, to better see the road ahead.


“He allowed himself to be swayed by his conviction that human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them, but that life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves.”

-Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Love in the Time of Cholera

DSC_0179 DSC_0200

“The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.”

-Jiddu Krishnamurti

Editorial pick:

2015_1_18_Ksju Kami Photo ad2

Photography: Ksju Kami Photography

Styling/Hair: The Dawn

Cherished Ones,

That’s all for today. May your time be spent in awe of What Is.


The Dawn